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Calling all digital marketers, network marketers, MRR students, and affiliate marketers...Start growing the smart way on Instagram and tap into real passive income, real fast...

Is this you lately?

  • You feel like your back to trading your time for money

  • ​Posting daily reels/content

  • Feeling like you need to dance on reels and show up with more "energy" in order to make money like other gurus

  • trying to keep up with the latest instagram trends, audios, and updates

  • ​making trendy content and giving all your free tips and tricks away

  • maybe you even have a faceless account but nothing seems to be moving the needle with your growth even though your doing everything your told

  • your spending hours engaging with other accounts to hopefully get some followers and engagement on your page

  • ​Starting and managing multiple instagram accounts (blah)

  • The only people who comment on your posts are people who sell the same thing you do

  • ​Exhausting yourself over content creation or dealing with the ever-changing IG algorithm

  • Hoping and waiting for your reels to go viral

Making money on instagram should not be this complicated.. and it isn't about posting 24/7, dancing on reels, having the prettiest account, or showing your face or not...


It's about having a system + strategy that is proven to work for anybody without relying on algorithms to put you in front of the right people...


And if you're looking for a way to cross the $5k - $10k per month mark in your business in the next 30-60 days WITHOUT having to post daily reels, share free content tips, or continue trading your time for dollars like you're doing now, I have this incredible new resource for you to help you hit your big time money goals...

In my IG Passive Profits Workshop You'll learn how to:


+ grow to a 10k audience in as little as 7-14 days guaranteed (and eventually 100k audience in 9 months)


+ how to start flooding your page with unlimited customers with my two part traffic secret (responsible for making me 6 figures in just two months!)


+ how to explode your engagement and social proof to attract buyers and be the go to person in your market.

+ how to say goodbye to posting daily reels and sharing free tips and tricks just to keep your audience interested.

Join the Workshop today to learn more about my secret three step growth strategy (that you most likely have never heard of) and is making waves in this industry. This strategy is responsible for growing my Instagram following to over 1ook and has built me a multiple 6 figure digital marketing business in a matter of months without exhausting myself or becoming a content




Enjoying Outdoor

Maybe you're here and your struggling to grow your business, you're exhausted from the daily grind, and you just can't seem to figure out why its working for everyone else but you...

Your 6 figure strategy...

This is a systemized strategy that you most likely have never heard of because I've kept it a secret for YEARS and no one on Instagram uses it except for me and my students ;)


This method is specifically designed for Instagram.. not Tik Tok, Facebook, or YouTube... because who has time for all that?!


You don't need all the platforms in order to succeed in your business and you don't need multiple IG accounts either.


When you apply what I'm going to teach you in the workshop, you'll finally start seeing:


  • your DMs full of interested prospects

  • your Bank Account growing to 6 figures

  • cashflow predictably coming in every single week

  • so you can quit your 9-5 

  • be more present with your kiddos

  • and spend your midweek at beachside hotels with your little family and enjoy unlimited vanilla sweet cream cold brews at Starbucks ;)  (just me?)

Hey, I just finished the ebook and

intro masterclass and omg I already

have SO many ideas on how to

make my vision come to life.

Anyway, I actually read

the ebook at 1:00am which was a

terrible decision because I was up

for 2 more hours writing notes and


- Brandi Stewart

What Students
Are Saying:

And by the way, I've read dozens of

e-books and worked with many

other companies and individuals

and your course is by far the most

informative and practical to put to

use! Not even joking !

- @RetrofixDirect

More collaborations coming in! I posted on my feed almost three weeks ago. Your system and the ethos of working smarter and not harder!

- Kim Nkosi

350 targeted followers and already 4 booked calls!

- Michael Mccoy

487 followers to 10k followers! This is Amazing!!

- Hannah

Made quit a few sales over the weekend! Feels so good!

- Emily


Included in the Workshop:


Two Part Growth & Passive Income Training to help you setup your automated business model 




IG Growth Secrets for Entrepreneurs Ebook (full step by step strategy written down ) 


IG Passive Profits Guide to $5k - $10k in 30 days or less (this is a simple step by step outlined guide that you can easily print out to help you focus on what you need to rinse and repeat every month for consistent passive income)

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