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Are Hashtags Dead? What if hashtags were one of your missing pieces for faster organic growth?

What if hashtags could ACTUALLY get more eyes and ears to your page so you can start getting consistent audience growth and sales? It's true that hashtags increase exposure, thats a given. In fact many people STILL find me through hashtags. Instagram is an ever-changing platform. What works today may not work a month from now. BUT, hashtags have been around since the inception of Instagram, and with a working strategy you can crush your reach on Instagram from now ON! IF you are currently just using random hashtags without an effective strategy you could be wasting your time posting them in the second comment or even worse, you might be using hashtags that are shadow banned which means no one is seeing your posts.

Im going to show you how you can start getting your hashtags working for you and not against you.

What Hashtag 
Customers Are Saying:

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What's in it for you?

Increase engagement with 120 DFY Hashtags

Get more engagement (likes, comments, etc) by appearing in front of your target audiences who are already interested in seeing your content.

organic reach

Boost your content visibility by 2-10X, using strategic and viral hashtags that are freshly-researched and optimized for your specific business profile.

Boost profile visits

As you get discovered by more people using your new hashtags, you'll increase more profile visits, more followers and even more sales!

How it Works!


Analyze your profile

The first thing that we do is a thorough analysis of your profile from your followers size, engagement rate, target audiences and the content you create.


Find relevant hashtags

We'll then find thousands of relevant hashtags based on your niche, target audiences, and the content you create.


These will include:

a.) Audience-centric hashtags (hashtags that your target audiences are most likely to search or use).

b.) Niche-specific hashtags (hyper-targeted to your core content and are used to connect your brand to a specific target audience).

c.) Community hashtags (active community/movement hashtags).

d.) Event hashtags (hashtags based on what's happening in the world or in your niche).

e.) Geographical hashtags (if suitable).


The bracket method

Depending on your profile statistics, we'll then group the hashtags into size brackets as such — tiny (5K-50K), small (50K-100K), medium (100K-250K), medium-big (250K-500K), (500K-1M) and large (1M+) hashtags.


Filter Hashtags To Rank At the Top Fo the Feeds

For tiny and small hashtags, our aim is to rank you into the top posts so we'll handpick only hashtags that you can beat in terms of their engagement. For example, if you have an avg. like count of 100 likes per post, we'll find hashtags that have min. likes of 100-200 in the top 9.


Filter hashtags to get you the highest exposure with the lowest competition

For medium and bigger hashtags, our aim is not to rank you but to give you huge exposures from high traffic hashtags with the least competition. To ensure that your posts won't get buried under new posts quickly in the hashtags feeds, we'll handpick only hashtags that have lower daily avg. posts (usually less than 300-500 posts/day).


Filter out any banned hashtags & compile the final list

We'll remove all banned hashtags that could lower your reach and compile the final list of clean high-performing hashtags.


Create personalized action plan

On top of the hashtags list, we'll also create a pesonalized action plan that includes a personalized hashtag user guide and optimization & growth strategies specific to your profile — based on the latest IG algorithm updates for your upcoming posts.


Delivery! Use the 120 hashtags & our action plan — VOILA! Watch your reach grow!

We’ll then deliver a 120 hashtag list in 72 hours and the action plan in the form of easy-to-use Google sheet/docs. Now, the only thing you have to do is follow the guidelines and copy and paste your hashtags in your upcoming posts and VOILA — get more reach!


Start reaching more people. Join 1K+ users and expand your reach now 

Get your content seen by wider audiences now — the sign up process only takes 5 mins and hashtags are delivered in approximately 72 hours.


A surefire way to maximize your organic reach.

  • Maximize your reach performance by using hashtags with the highest possibility to rank into the top posts section.

  • Leverage on highly popular hashtags with the least competition to ensure your content to stick up longer on the hashtags feeds.


Save time

  • Finding the best performing hashtags can take lots of manhours. Save your time by letting us do all the hard work, so you can focus on other important aspects in your business.

  • Combining powerful hashtags with the right strategy, you're equipped to expand your reach to a wider audience without spending hundreds, if not thousands of paid ads dollars.


Data-driven approach — no more guesswork.

  • Analytics-driven approach to identify the most powerful hashtags. Inside, you'll get detailed metrics and insights that follow the latest Instagram algorithm update.

  • Up to 2x revisions on our plans. If the hahstags we deliver do not yield any increase in reach, we'll send you a new unique set of hashtags.

due to the nature of digital products there are no refunds

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