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25k Targeted DM Campaign

How it works:


Fill out the onboarding form and answer a few questions so we can get as specific as possible about your target audience. From there you'll create a short DM message to send out to your target audience. We own thousands of small IG accounts and we use these accounts to send out your marketing message. (maybe you're having a sale or promotion you want to share, or you want customers to connect with you about your services/products in the DM's. Example message will be included to use as a guideline)


In this message we will include a link to your profile or a static post of your choice. From there your target audience will be able to follow you, connect with you, engage, and click the link in your bio to purchase your product/service.


On the onboarding form you'll also include an IG account with 50k followers or more that we can target. OR you can choose a common hashtag your targeted audience is using. (we can target Big IG accounts, hashtags, and geolocation)


After you submit your form we start scraping the targeted people we find on the IG account, hashtags, or geolocation using our software to find the MOST ACTIVE users.


Using thousands of our small IG accounts that we own, your message is then sent out to 25,000 active users on Instagram in less than 12 hours!


There are many benefits of Targeted DM campaigns including:

  • Targeted followers (Obvious one)

  • Increased engagement 

  • People coming to your page who are actually interested in what you offer 

  • Increased sales and passive income strategy

  • Community Growth


Because of the nature of digital products  there are no refunds 
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