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Make consistent passive income

The Passive Profits sales machine

with digital products WITHOUT posting daily reels, sharing free tips/ content, or managing multiple accounts.

Below you'll find more details about the IG Passive Profits Workshop mentioned inside the free mini course. In this revolutionary Workshop, you will learn the exact tools and secrets to reaching a 10k audience within 14 days and making consistent passive sales in 7 days or less. This workshop is designed to teach you how to flood your Instagram page with targeted traffic and grow your following without the need to post daily reels or create endless content. You'll also learn how to set up an IG Passive Profits system that effortlessly converts leads into sales on autopilot, allowing you to earn a passive income from your Instagram account.


Whether you're new to Instagram or looking to take your digital product business to the next level, this workshop is perfect for anyone seeking to make the most of their online presence. Join us and start turning your Instagram into a powerful sales and growth tool today....

IG Passive Profits



IG Passive Profits Workshop

Grow your audience daily and convert them into paying customers in 7 days or less

  • Learn the framework and FREE tools you can use for an effective funnel that converts leads into sales in 7 days or less. These methods are responsible for making make me over $700k in revenue

  • Insider secrets: social presence strategies that can take your audience to 10k in less than 14 days and flood your page with people who want what you are offering!

  • You need to stand out in your business in order to make real impact. Especially if your selling something similar to someone else! You'll learn how to stand out in your niche and make sales with low and high ticket offers that sell effortlessly.

  • Learn my "less is more strategy" for passive sales so you can stop posting reels daily and creating endless content.

  • Instant access to my $5k-$10k in 30 days or less roadmap so that you can turns leads into customers as soon as they hit your Instagram page.

  • Leave this workshop feeling clear about how to attract people to you

  • Recordings and resources included for LIFE.

Client Results


Whats Inside:

  • 8 in depth training videos: I reveal the tools, the three step system, and the super simple strategies responsible for generating me over $700k in revenue in passive digital product sales (working only 30 minutes to one hour per day and without posting reels 24/7 or worrying about the algorithm) and how you can apply them to any digital product based business in any niche. No gatekeeping here! 

  • IG Secrets For Entrepreneurs Ebook (46 pages with my whole secret strategy laid out in an easy to understand format)

  • Affiliate Option: You'll get the opportunity to re-sell the workshop as an affiliate to earn additional commissions if you choose to. A great way to add another stream of income for yourself with a proven product that sells!

IG Passive Profits



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