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IG Passive Profits

Learn to create a passive income machine on Instagram and make $5k - $10k+ per month in 2024

Training Part #1

Training Part #2

Training Part #2

You can also use Pinterest and Canva to find free aesthetic background videos to use to create your own reels if you choose. Just type in "aesthetic reels" into Pinterest or Canva.

Another option would be to subscribe to a content bank like Social Stocks Co. for more aesthetic pre-done reels. 

Affiliate portal setup (if you're planning to re-sell the mini course, here is the affiliate portal instructions to get you setup!

Start adding more income streams to your business by purchasing additional 

digital products below! Purchase once, re-sell forever.

Income Stream #1

10k Social Presence Campaign

Income Stream #2

25k Targeted DM Campaign

Income Stream #3

Viral Engagement

Income stream #4

120 Hashtag Set

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