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in this free masterclass you'll discover...

how this automated digital product strategy has been generating me passive sales since 2021 while having freedom in my schedule to homeschool, spend time with friends & family, and sit at the beach on random Mondays while everyone goes to work + without having to post daily reels on Instargam or do all the selling yourself! 


Presented by JoAnna Sagrero
Founder & CEO of IG Boss Babes Co.

I went from stay at home mama, on a one-household income (living paycheck to paycheck), and making $0 online for almost three years, to finally cracking the code to growing over a 100k audience and making passive income on Instagram! I became a 6 figure CEO within 9 months of launching my first automated digital product system and was able to retire my husband at 27 years old from his 9-5 job, move into our first dream home, and pay offer 20k in debt.


To date I've been able to generate over $700k in online revenue. During this training I'm going to show you step by step how to start growing and generating passive sales using a proven business model thats making my students over $2000 in commissions even as beginners.


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