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Start your new DONE FOR YOU passive income stream in the next 24 hours on Instagram...

This is the bundle you've been waiting for that will help you start your passive income business as soon as possible. Includes IG Passive Income Secrets Ebook + two part passive income training+ All the tools you'll need to get your IG passive income stream setup within 24 hours.


Learn the step by step method to work only 1-2 hours per day,  monetize your IG page to make $10,000 + per month consistently, and grow an audience of thousands of people who are actually interested in YOU. All WITHOUT posting 24/7, making trendy reels, or using complicated and pricey Facebook ads.... And no, this is not some crazy reels strategy. This is a real passive income strategy designed for Instagram WITHOUT having to spend a fortune and without fb/ads. You'll also learn how to stop trading your time for money and chasing people down to buy from you. Because becoming a content factory on IG and being stuck on your phone all day trying to hustle your way to success is NOT the vibe anymore... I'll show you a method to actually attract your ideal people to whatever you offer. Your DMs will be full, your Bank Account will start growing, and you'll finally have a system that brings in the cashflow every month so that you can actually start making real money and have time to homeschool, spend time with family, go on coffee dates with the husband, and hit the beach on a Wednesday!


Hey, I just finished the ebook and

intro masterclass and omg I already

have SO many ideas on how to

make my vision come to life.

Anyway, I actually read

the ebook at 1:00am which was a

terrible decision because I was up

for 2 more hours writing notes and


- Brandi Stewart

What Students
Are Saying:

And by the way, I've read dozens of

e-books and worked with many

other companies and individuals

and your course is by far the most

informative and practical to put to

use! Not even joking !

- @RetrofixDirect

More collaborations coming in! I posted on my feed almost three weeks ago. Your system and the ethos of working smarter and not harder!

- Kim Nkosi

350 targeted followers and already 4 booked calls!

- Michael Mccoy

487 followers to 10k followers! This is Amazing!!

- Hannah

Made quit a few sales over the weekend! Feels so good!

- Emily


Meet JoAnna

IG Growth and Passive Income Expert

Hi my name is JoAnna Sagrero! I'm a busy mama and wife who built a multiple 6 figure passive income business on Instagram IN record time with a toddler on my hip and WITHOUT any fancy equipment, FB ads, or posting trendy reels 24/7 on IG.

In 2021 I made over $100k in sales in just NINE months on Instagram.


In 2022 I beat my income record using my same IG Growth system and made over $100k in just 7 MONTHS!

And since starting my IG Passive Profits signature program 5 months ago I've already generated $70,000 in 2023.

How it all started:


In 2021 I used my unique growth strategy to enroll new people on IG into my network marketing team consistently and make upwards of $2k per person who would enroll with me!

And it was completely on AUTOPILOT.

I quit network marketing soon after because I started making $100, $200, and even $1000 daily of passive income in my sleep and I’m going to show you how this NEW way of growing a business on the IG platform can help you achieve financial freedom in ni time! You'll be making the income of your dreams happen WITHOUT all the fluff...


My four step formula allowed me to become financially free in 30 days, whereas the network marketing industry standard is 5-10 years.


Best of all is that I started to attract thousands of people to what I do and this time it WORKED.

I grew a passion for teaching people how to make passive income for themselves using my growth strategies.


If I can do it, you can too...


WITHOUT exhausting yourself and compromising time with your kiddos and family just to build a legacy.

You see, when I joined my network marketing company in 2017 I found myself doing the same things on Instagram like every other person in my industry. These might sound familiar to you too: 


  • posting 24/7 on Instagram using the "80/20 rule"

  • chasing friends and family to purchase from me

  • sending out samples to anyone who could breathe etc...

  • posting unboxing videos

  • engaging with people just so that they can follow me back


It was so frustrating, exhausting, and I felt like a phony tbh...

Worst part is that the promise of financial freedom looked dim even with all the work I was putting into my business online.

And after two years, I should have started seeing the income roll in right?

I've always had a desire to grow a business on Instagram. I loved IG over every other platform. It just resonated with me. So In January 2021 when I implemented my proven growth strategies I made $9k my first month. 



At first I thought it was a fluke!


But the second month I made over $15k! And if that doesn't leave your mind blown, in January 2022, I made $20k in just TWO DAYS..


ALL without:

  • Posting 2-3x a day or making trendy reels!

  • Following and unfollowing people.

  • Spending hours Engaging with other accounts and with my followers.

  • Collaborating on LIVES with my upline.

  • Doing mom follow loops and engagement pods.

  • Doing LIVE unboxing videos ​

  • Hosting classes

  • Pouring my heart out creating free tips and content

  • No need for a personal account and business account.

  • without content pillars

  •  And without blasting my products or business opportunity everywhere 



 I didn't have to exhaust myself on IG because I started to utilize the power of automated PASSIVE SYSTEMS to drive growth and sales to offers that people actually WANTED. And if you don't know what a System like this looks like Im going to show you step by step inside my Mini Course!


 I was completely in awe at how powerful these growth strategies were because I didn't have to post reels or content everyday or chase people, or engage with anybody I didn't want to engage with.


I didn't have to waste more money on complicated ads either. I just had to turn on my growth system and let it run on its own with minimal work on my end!


To show you how powerful my four step IG system is, here's one of my highest cash months of 2022


Surpassed my $100k goal faster in 2022 than last year MEANING this system is standing the test of TIME. My strategy has remained the SAME despite the ever changing IG algorithm.


In theMini Course Bundle I'll show you how to:


In order to effectively monetize your IG page your profile needs to be optimized for growth and sales. I'll show you how my specific IG attraction marketing strategy will be a game changer for your business..


Learn about my secret weapons for growth! You'll learn how my two specific %100 hands off "growth campaigns" can keep the leads flowing in on a daily basis! You'll discover how to use them to get you to a 10k real audience in 7 days and increase your targeted audience by the thousands without ever having to worry about the IG algorithm AGAIN..


I'll show you the exact Four step framework to hit your first $10,000+ MONTH on IG like I've been doing for the past two years. You'll learn how to create passive income within your next 24 hours without ever having to waste your time with freebie seekers or people who aren't serious about what you offer..


You'll learn my One Offer Strategy to actually SCALE your Instagram page to 6 figures and beyond! This framework is the key to a thriving passive income business on IG that doesn't require you to be online 24/7.. Stop logging into complicated FB ads manger and instead learn the power of IG automation and how to set up your very own IG ATM System that shoots out paychecks to your bank account like clockwork.


You'll learn how anyone in any industry can utilize my IG passive income method to skyrocket their business like never before. Ive worked with network marketers (my roots), affiliate marketers, coaches, product and service based business's to gain momentum on IG and boost their sales like crazy.


Maybe you're here and you just can't seem to get IG to work for you despite all the reels you're making and doing what the

IG Gurus are telling you to do...

Finally there's a way to: 

  • STOP trading your time for money

  • ​STOP Posting 2-3 times a day

  • ​STOP making trendy reels and giving all your free tips and tricks away

  • STOP ​Following and unfollowing people just to build new relationships.

  • STOP Spending hours engaging with other accounts to hopefully get some followers and engagement on your page

  • STOP ​Collaborating on LIVES with other accounts 

  • STOP ​Joining Mom follow loops or huge engagement pods with strict rules and exhausting requirements

  • ​STOP Doing LIVE unboxing videos of your products

  • ​STOP exhausting yourself over content or dealing with the ever-changing IG algorithm

If you’re currently dreaming of a way to make more life changing income while you're out at the park with your babies making memories, or you're wanting to start a family but you're trying to find a way to make consistent monthly income so you can build the life you want for your future family, or you're someone who values your freedom and you want to have time in your day to do all the things you love to do without being glued to your phone....

Then my IG Passive Income strategy that I created is going to help you finally dominate Instagram CONSISTENTLY and bless your bank account with CASHFLOW no matter what the algorithm decides to do. The growth of your business
 never has to stop even when you're on vacation or spending time with family.


Fragile Pampas

Grow Your Audience

How would it feel to be sitting on the beach or hanging out with your family while seeing your growth on instagram increase by the hundreds and thousands without having to be glued to your phone?

Imagine growing a real audience every day consistently.

Just Like this!

Make full-time Income on IG

And How would it feel to be on vacation and getting consistent payment notifications from all your hard work on instargam?


"you received $27 from..."

"you received $297 from...

"You received $2797 from..."


Just like this...

33D2135C-2648-429F-A124-B2697724437F 2.jpg
Book Now

Start your passive income business in the next 24 hours with my done for you tools.

It's time to invest in more ways like this that provides the FREEDOM lifestyle YOU want. My Mini Course Bundle which includes my extensive IG Passive Income Strategy Ebook will teach you the NEWEST and SMARTEST way to start growing your audience and selling passively on the
 IG platform with EASE..

In the Ebook Bundle You'll Get:


IG Passive Income Secrets Ebook (49 pages)


Two Part Passive Income Training + Setup Instructions to start making passive income NOW.


Because of the nature of digital goods, there are no refunds. thank you.

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